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Would you hire me?

Aline Combe

Would you hire me?

Aline Combe (FR)

Title Would you hire me? | Piece Length 20 min

Espaço da Penha | 20 and 21 June| 19h50


During the Performing Arts Advanced Programme (PACAP 4), I asked to some of the invited artists these two questions: “How much are you paid to be there with us?” and “Would you hire me?”. Sometimes I could record the entire interview and transcribe it, sometimes I only took notes. The installation “Would you hire me?” is the presentation of what I collected from this interview protocol.

Note: “PACAP” in French is a way for children to say, “I dare you!”.

Second Note: Text in English, no translation.



By and with Aline Combe (FR)


Short Bio

Aline Combe (Paris, France, 1989) is a dancer, performer, and a collector of human details. She works with blurry zones, untold-stories, frustration, and a mix of fiction and reality. She used to fail, and few know about her work.



Forum Dança team, João dos Santos Martins, PACAP 4 group, Moriah Evans, Ana Pi, Scarlett Yu and Christine De Smedt.


Image Credits Jules Serra

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