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Laura Ríos


Laura Ríos (CU)

Title Masa (Massa) | Video | Piece Length 27 min, Loop

Espaço da Penha | 20 and 21 June | From 18h00


All matter leaves a trace, a mark in the space. It is a trace that can be evident, abstract or even become imperceptible. Nevertheless, it is present, it inhabits and leaves a legacy. It’s a result of work, steps, thoughts, the life cycle, the weight (energy and transcendence) of the body.

MASA is an open trajectory that searches to leave traces through the relationship between material and body. From within the action, the improvised and intuitive movement explores the subtle and concrete possibilities of marking the mud, offering ways to re-dimension the body and its image.



By and with Laura Ríos (CU)


Short Bio

Laura Ríos (Havana, 1992) is a dancer, performer and choreographer from Cuba. She is graduated from the Instituto Superior de Arte (Dance Art) and was member of the national company of Cuba, Danza Contemporánea de Cuba (2010-2018). Currently she is a freelancer.



I always thank to my mother.

Many thanks to the Forum Dança team, especially to Dora Carvalho and Carolina Nogueira, along with João dos Santos Martins for giving me this opportunity and all the support. Thanks to all the artists/teachers invited to PACAP 4, they have been an inspiration. Thank you so much to the PACAP 4 group. Together we have made a very nice trip during this period.

Thank you so much Wilfredo Prieto.


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