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Looking Through a Sacred Flame

Isadora Alves

Looking Through a Sacred Flame

Isadora Alves (PT)

Title Looking Through a Sacred Flame | Piece Length 40 min.

Espaço da Penha | 26 and 27 June| 20h45


Interior exterior exterior interior interior exterior exterior, impossible to escape it, inside

and outside, frontier or limit differentiation imagination exterior exterior exterior interior

interior exterior, does it matter, exterior exterior exterior intrans — Secular, indent.

What has to be broken? What needs to be recovered?

Multiple however one. So it is the admiration for X, Y and Z.

And the eyes, settled on the fold of the horizon, invent another destiny.



Concept and artistic direction Isadora Alves (PT)

Developed and performed by Ana Libório, Bruno Humberto and Nuno Nolasco

Set Bruno Humberto and Isadora Alves


Short Bio

1996 Lisbon. She develops her own work at the moment. She has worked as an assistant to Felipe Hirsch, Bruno Humberto, Rui de Almeida Paiva and Teatro o Bando. As a performer she participated in shows with Tiago Vieira, Tiago Mateus, Maria Duarte, João Rodrigues and Gonçalo Ferreira de Almeida, Niño Proletário, Miguel Bonneville, António Pires and Elmano Sancho. In films, she worked as an actress for Pedro Cabeleira, João Eça and Diogo Baldaia. She worked with German artist Jan Brokof on Exotification and Hans Staden TV. She graduated from ESTC with a diploma in Theatre Studies and now she is about to finish Forum Dança’s PACAP 4 study program. She collaborates currently with Bruno Humberto.



Gonçalo Alegria, Latoaria, Julio Alves and all that were part of PACAP4.


Image Credits American Schools of Oriental Research from Shea (2001a)

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