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How do we continue together

Emily Barasch

How do we continue together

Emily Barasch (US)

Title How do we Continue Together (video) | Piece Length 30 min, Loop

Espaço Alkantara | 1 and 2 July | From 19h00


How do we Continue Together is a video installation serving as a movement meditation for precarity. It asks us to be present, slow down, tune in, and engage in emergent strategies of actively becoming. We do not know what will come next, or how we will get there, but we can allow it to to radically unfold if we practice noticing. As we find movement in restructuring our external systems, we must also find movement in shifting our emotional, spiritual, and physical structures. This is a proposal for transforming the ways we move through this world, in our bodies, in the many nuanced spaces we occupy.



By Emily Barasch (US)

With randy reyes, Eddy Levin, Suiá Burger Ferlauto, Analu Fretta and Sanchita Sharma


Short Bio

Emily Barasch (California 1992) is a California based choreographer, performer, and scholar using the body as the site of research and exploration. Her choreographic and scholarly work looks at the potentiality of mobilizing hysteria as a performance strategy to create worlds wherein queer, trans, and femme bodies can be represented in an alternate figuring of space, time, and language, that transcend rather than transgress the logics of capital time, linear narrative, and dominant language.



Thank you to the participants who graciously engaged in this movement meditation score and had many individual conversations with me about their experiences!

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