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PACAP 5 | Bloc 3
Open Workshops

PACAP 5 | Bloc 3
Open Workshops

Block III: Individual investigation processes of each participant

WORKSHOPS within the scope of PACAP 5 open to external students.

About the workshops


“During the course of the third bloc of PACAP 5, the participants will be visited by five artists – Gustavo Sumpta, Mette Edvardsen, Eleonora Fabião and the duo Luara Raio/Acauã El Bandide Sereya – who will share with the group their composition processes and strategies for the development of their projects. They are artists who share similar premises in the relationship they develop with the artistic gesture, especially in terms of their work ethic and radical commitment to the present. They also have in common a critical position in relation to their disciplines, not letting themselves be captured by any kind of artificial and manipulative cataloging. We make sure that they were artists who were quite different from each other, both at the formal level and at the geographical and generational level.” – PACAP 5 curatorial team

Guest artists and dates


Registration and more information


  • Limited spots.
  • Subscriptions to our email.
  • Participation fee: €70 per workshop.
  • 10% discount for students and alumni of long-term courses at Forum Dança (PACAP/CGPAE/PEPCC).

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