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Miguel Pereira & Nuno Lucas


Performing Arts Advanced Programme

Curated by Miguel Pereira and Nuno Lucas

From 7th of February 2024 to 23rd of July 2024


Until 31st of July 2023 | Extension of applications until September 10


We consider that having time for studying is a privileged moment that allows us to experimentat and reflect upon artistic practises. Our intent is that this experience creates a space for sharing, learning, meeting and research, beeing a possibilty for new connections and creating new ties.


In this programme we intend to plunge into some core principles that guide our artistical pratice: working on performativity skills and stage presence, the urgency and discipline in the act of artistic creation, the relationship between entertainment and reflection, composition and dramaturgy as central axes in the construction of a work and the crossing between different artistic disciplines. We will be present throughout the duration of the all programme and at the same time we will count with the cumplicity of a wide range of artists, that have influenced our paths, and who will contribute with new perspectives and that will enrich this experience.


The focus of the programme is in the process and in the encounters that it can create, with a view to creating a space where artistic relationships expand and influence our identity. To promote a creative experience in an expanded period of time that allows each person to consolidate their needs and discover new impulses that will feed each future artistic project. Without undermining the importance of (a) public performances and the sharing of one’s work, as an inherent and necessary gesture of artistic practice, we want to nurture a space of reflection and experimentation, to reconsider the way we see what we do and how we do it.


Collaboration is one of the fundamental foundations of our work, as such we also intend to propose different forms of artistic collaboration, defying the need for the individual signature in favour of the place of the “other”. The one that challenges us, confronts and compels us to look at things from a different point of view. We will also promote the circularity of roles inside of an artistical process by consciously beeing able to play different roles in it (dramaturg, assistant, performer, producer, etc).


A programme that lasts six months is inevitably a compact format. We believe that this will be a countainer of possibilities that will reveal some of them during the duration of the course, but as well to create a resonance that goes beyond that time. Sometimes experiences are not immediately digested and because of that our priority is to create a community of action and thinking, one that defies the finite time that this programme allows.


  • Introduction: Forum Dança, Lisbon – 3 days
  • Residency: O Espaço do Tempo, Montemor-o-novo – 1 week
  • First block: Workshops and seminars with artists* – 4 weeks
  • First Research Period: 2 weeks
  • Second block: Workshops and seminars with artists* – 4 weeks
  • Second research period: 2 weeks
  • Descampado”: Undefined terrain – 1 week
  • Third Block: Workshops and seminars with artists* – 3 weeks
  • Third research period: – 4 weeks
  • Occupation: A moment to share and showcase work at TBA – Teatro do Bairro Alto and other spaces TBC – 2 weeks.


*Artists: Eleonora Fabião, João Fiadeiro, Jonathan Burrows, Joris Lacoste, Leticia Skrycky & Santiago Rodriguez Tricot, Loïc Touzé, Luara Raio & Acauã Shereya El_Bandide, Marcelo Evelin, Mark Tompkins (to be confirmed), Marlene Monteiro Freitas (to be confirmed), Pedro Paiva e Vera Mantero.


The programme begins with the participants’ welcoming at Forum Dança to introduce the cultural associations and spaces in Lisbon.


Afterwards there will be a weeklong residency at O Espaço do Tempo, in Montemor-o-Novo, to deepen the participants’ connection and solidify the group. Here, the participants will show each other their work and begin taking part in joint exercises, sharing experiences and motivation.


Once back in Lisbon, we will enter into an outline that alternates between approximately four weeks of workshops and seminars, followed by two weeks dedicated to research. We believe that this time dedicated to research not only helps digest and internalise the experiences that the participants have during the preceding workshops and seminars, but also acts as a space in which to explore and create from any questions that come up either during, or that may have come up before, the programme.


At the midpoint of the programme, we come to a point that we call DESCAMPADO: a period of time in which nothing is defined. A chance to go off course; the chance to create new, spontaneous work and connections. This idea of an open terrain filled with opportunity to explore is central to this moment in the course.


Before we get to the moment where we celebrate this whole experience, what we call the OCCUPATION, we still have four more weeks of research. During those four weeks, not only will we welcome several guests who make up the training programme as well as new accomplices, and we encourage the group to invite external people to the training.


The OCUPATION, which will take place in Teatro do Bairro Alto, is a moment for sharing far more than a showcase of the group’s final presentations. It’s a free space, open to all possible formats; from classes given by the group’s participants, conferences and demonstrations, the sharing of ideas, demonstrations of work both finished and unfinished, as well as proposing experiences to the public, etc.


A partnership with the Centre National de la Danse in Pantin (Paris, France) provides the possibility of creating an extension of PACAP 7 in October 2024 for the duration of CAMPING. This experience which lasts one week, is a place to encounter different artistic fields (prop design, visual arts, dance, theatre, etc) and from different parts of the world. Furthermore, it also allows, on the one hand, to come into contact with different types of approach, taking part in workshops, conferences, attending shows, and on the other, to be a platform for showcasing work and meetings that will provide new partnerships and future collaborations.


NOTE: All travel, lodging and food expenses associated with CAMPING are the participant’s own responsibility.


Who should apply

People, with 23 years of age or over (there is no older age limit), interested in:


  • Artistic practices where the body is present,
  • Furthering artistic creation methods,
  • Incorporating physical practices,
  • Collaborative processes,
  • Developing different stage performance skills,
  • A space for research and choreographic creation.

Please note

PACAP functions primarily in English as its working language.

Invited Guests

Process of Selection

The process of selection will be done by the curators of PACAP 7 and the direction of Forum Dança.


It will take place in two separate phases:


  • Phase One – Applications, open until 31st of July 2023 | Extension of applications until September 10;
  • Phase Two – Auditions, which will take place in October 2023.

Phase 1



The submission of applications will take place through the online application form (link to the form can be found below) until the 31st of July 2023 | Extension of applications until September 10. Applications can be submitted in Portuguese or English.


Components to include in the application:


  • Curriculum Vitae with a photograph and a brief biography (max. 2 pages A4. Pdf – no larger than 1MB),
  • Link to portfolio of works, with texts, images and links to videos,
  • Motivation Letter that answers the question: “What do I expect from this kind of training programme?” (max. 1 page A4 format .pdf),
  • A video (max. 3 minutes in length) that answers the following question “My body and my work” (this can be made up of excerpts from previous work or improvisational works that illustrate how you use your body on stage.).


Phase One results

All candidates will be contacted via email by the 11th of September 2023 | 11th of September 2023.


We do not accept links that require downloading videos or photographs.

The links sent must give direct access to the online visualization of the files (YouTube, Vimeo, etc).

The only files that require downloading that we will accept are the Curriculum vitae and the motivational letter.

Phase 2



Two available options:


  • Online: 7 and 8 of October 2023,
  • In person at Forum Dança: 9 and 10th of October 2023,
  • Interviews: 11th and 12th of October 2023 (online).


Phase Two Results

All candidates will be contacted via email by the 18th of October 2023.

Tuition fees

  • Registration: 150€,
  • Payment in full of tuition: 1900€,
  • Payment in two instalments: 975€ x 2.


Please do not let financial concerns prevent you from applying.

If the tuition is a cause of concern for you, please include a letter in your application explaining your financial situation.


There are a few scholarships available:


  • 2 scholarships offering a 50% reduction of the tuition fees,
  • 1 scholarship offering 100% reduction of the tuition fees, aimed at artists from Portuguese Speaking African Countries or Black artists,


Other support suggestions:


  • Artists residing in Portugal are eligible for up to 50% reduction of the tuition fees through scholarships given out by the GDA Foundation (In cases where the applicant is a member of the GDA this increases up to 75%);
  • Artists residing in countries that are part of Creative Europe may apply for the Culture Moves Europe program.


Please do not let financial concerns prevent you from applying.
If the tuition is a cause of concern for you, please include a letter in your application explaining your financial situation.


Monday to Friday, 10am to 5pm.

This timetable is only indicative and may suffer alterations.

A detailed calendar of the course will be sent to the selected group.

Application – until September 10


Applications are now closed.


Miguel Pereira

Forum Dança | PACAP 7 - Miguel Pereira
Miguel Pereira

Miguel Pereira, attended The National Conservatory Dance School and the Higher School of Dance (ESD), in Lisbon.

He received a scholarship from the Portuguese Ministry of Culture to continue his studies in Paris (Théâtre Contemporain de la Danse) and in New York.

As a performer Miguel worked with, among others, Filipa Francisco, Francisco Camacho and Vera Mantero. He was part of the theatre play and film “António um rapaz de Lisboa” by Jorge Silva Melo, worked with Jerôme Bel in the piece “Shirtologia/Miguel” in 1997, and as a performer in “Les Inconsolés” by Alain Buffard, in the remake of 2017.

Of his choreographic work special mention goes to: the esteemed work “Antonio Miguel” for which he received the Revelation Prize José Ribeiro da Fonte/Ministry of Culture and an honour for the prize of Acarte/Madalena de Azeredo Perdigão (2000), “Notes for an invisible show” (2001), the performance that is only announced by date and place (2002), “Corpo de Baile” (2005), “Karima meets Lisboa meets Miguel meets Cairo” a collaboration with the Egyptian choreographer Karima Mansour (2006), “Doo” (2008), “Antonio & Miguel” (2010) a collaboration with Antonio Tagliarini, “Op. 49” (2012), “WILDE” (2013) a collaboration with Jorge Andrade/mala voadora, “Repertoire for chairs, costumes, and extras” (2015) for Ballet Contemporâneo do Norte and “Piece for business” and “Happy piece” (2017), “Era um peito só cheio de promessas” (2019), “False Friends” (2021) a collaboration with Guillem Mont de Palol, and “Miquelina and Miguel” (2022) based on the relationship between Miguel and his mother, of 87 years of age diagnosed with dementia.

In 2003, 2007 and 2014 Miguel created for the repertoire of Transitions Dance Company/Laban Centre the pieces “Transitions”, “Transitions II” and “Transitions III” that integrated the national and international tour of the company (2003/2004, 2007/2008 and 2014/2015).

His work has been shown across Europe and Brazil, Uruguay and Chile and in 2003 he was the subject of a mini-retrospective in Caldas da Rainha, as part of the cycle “Mapas”” organized by Transforma-AC in collaboration with ESTGAD.

Miguel is regularly invited to teach in composition labs and workshops in Portugal and abroad.

In 2000 Vera Mantero, invited him to become an associated artist of the company O Rumo do Rumo, which he continues to be involved in.

Nuno Lucas

Forum Dança | PACAP 7 - Nuno Lucas
Nuno Lucas

Nuno Lucas. Born in Portugal, Nuno now lives between Paris, Lisbon and Seoul.

He works as a choreographer, actor, author, dancer and teacher. From an early age Nuno began taking part in amateur theatre groups where he discovered a love for comedy. He began his musical studies at the age of eight on the Island of Madeira and later went on to study at the musical conservatory in Caldas da Rainha where he studied classical guitar and singing. Nuno moved to Lisbon in 1998 where he got a Master’s in Economics from the Nova University of Lisbon. It was during his studies that he got his debut working with choreographer Miguel Pereira at the Dona Maria II National Theatre in 2001. He would later be invited by João Fiadeiro to begin working on his first works as a choreographer at LAB10 in 2003.

Pesquisa e Criação Coerográfica at Forum Dança (2003) stands out amongst Nuno’s training as a choreographer as well as EXERCE at the Centre Chorégraphique National de Montpellier (2007) under the tutelage of Mathilde Monnier and Xiavier le Roy which he attended as recipient of the Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian bursary.

As an actor and dancer Nuno collaborated with several artists such as: Joris Lacoste, Philippe Quesne, Miguel Pereira, Rita Nunes, Leonardo Mouramateus, Ivana Müller, Jorge Andrade (Mala Voadora), João Fiadeiro.

As a solo artist he created the following works: “Self-portrait as a dancer” and “What can be shown cannot be said” (2007 – Festival Ùzes, France); “I Could Write a Song” (2015 – Théâtre de Vanves, France).

Nuno has also collaborated and co-created the following works with the following artists: Hermann Heisig “Pongo Land” (2008 – Théâtre L’usine, Switzerland); “What comes up, Must go up” (2009 – Festival Tanz im August, Germany) and “Schwerkraft leicht gemacht” (2019 – Schillertheater, Germany); with Márcia Lança “Trompe le Monde” (2010 – Culturgest) and “Por esse Mundo Fora” (2016 – Teatro Maria Matos); with Pieter Frédéric Danos & Geoffrey Carey “Ma vie va changer” (2019 – Festival Circular); with Joana Brandão, Paulo Quedas, Aurélien Vieira Lino and Hugo Coelho “Eu Cá, Tu Lá” (2022 – LU.CA Teatro Luís de Camões).

Nuno’s work has been shown in Portugal, France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Romania, Spain, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Argentina and South Korea.
He regularly teaches composition and performance in several countries, for adults as well as children.


Beatriz Baião (PT), Carlota Mantecón (ES), Damien Najean (FR), Giulia Romitelli (IT), Guillermina Gancio (UY), Hernie Harmon (DE), Jakob von Kietzell (DE), Joana Duvet (PT), Katerina Giannouli (GR), Luna Anais (CH), Marina de Moraes (BR), Marusya Byzova (RU), Maud Buckenmeyer (FR), Minjin Lee (KR), Renan Capivara (BR) and Sérgio Diogo Matias (PT).

Actividades PACAP 7

Top image credits: Miguel Pereira © Fernanda Ruiz | Nuno Lucas © Rita França.

Support and Partnerships

PACAP 7 co-producer:  Teatro do Bairro Alto.

PACAP 7 co-producer in Residency: O Espaço do Tempo

PACAP 7 support: Alkantara, Casa da Dança – Almada, Fundação GDA, OPART, E.P.E./Estúdios Victor Córdon, O Rumo do Fumo and Piscina.

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