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School year 2023/24



School Year 2023/24

Forum Dança’s regular classes at Espaço da Penha address the diverse facets of interpretation and movement.

Contemporary Dance and Choreographic Laboratory for adults are, at different times, guided by a teaching body constantly doing artistic research and combined with effective pedagogical strategies.

See the General Regulation for more information.


Select each of the sections below to find out all the specifics of these activities.


Start: September 18, 2023

End: June 28, 2024

This year the Choreographic Laboratory classes will only start in October.


    1. Regular studio classes will have breaks during the Christmas period (from 15/12/2023 to 02/01/2024) and Carnival Tuesday (13/02/2024);
    2. In the months of September and December, the modalities will have a 50% reduction in the monthly fee due to the reduced number of classes;
    3. Regular classes are not open on public holidays, including Carnival Tuesday (13/02/2024);

Preliminary notes

Do not forget to consult and carefully read our General Regulations. After completing the form, do not forget that:


    1. The registration fee is mandatory and valid until the end of the academic year, and a new registration fee must be paid at the beginning of each academic year.
    2. The payment of the registration fee is made simultaneously with the payment of the first monthly fee.
    3. Payments are made by bank transfer to the Forum Dança account indicated in the General Regulations.
    4. The calculation of the monthly fee is based on the number of classes per week.

Registration process

  1. Pre-register online using the form provided bellow.
  2. Wait for our email with payment instructions.
  3. Pay your registration, as indicated in the email sent.
  4. Send the respective payment receipt to our email.
  5. Your registration will only be validated after we receive your proof of payment.


Proof of bank transfer must always be sent to our general email: forumdanca@forumdanca.pt

Only in this way will your registration be validated and you will be able to attend classes.


Registration Fee: for residents of Penha de França Parish, upon presentation of proof of address.

Monthly fees: 50% discount on tuition for people who are already enrolled in courses taking place at Forum Dança (PACAP, CDC or CGPAE) and for people who have taken part in previous editions of PACAP.

Registration form



From Body to the Body

Interdisciplinary Movement Practices [+16 y.o.]

Gisela Dória

09h30 – 10h30

Yoga [+16 y.o.]

Francisca Pinto

19h30 – 21h30

Contemporary Dance [+16 y.o.]

Josefa Pereira

Bárbara Faustino

Natália Mendonça

17h45 – 18h30

Creative Dance  [3/6 y.o.]

Carla Ribeiro

18h30 – 19h30

Contemporary Dance [7/12 y.o.]

Carla Ribeiro

19h30 – 21h30

Choreographic Laboratory [+16 y.o.]

Maria Ramos

09h30 – 10h30

Yoga [+16 y.o.]

Francisca Pinto

19h30 – 21h30

Contemporary Dance [+16 y.o.]

Josefa Pereira

Bárbara Faustino

Natália Mendonça

 Registration Fee

  • 25 € (Normal Fee)
  • 15 € (People who attended regular classes in the previous school year or long-term courses) (2)
  • 15 € (Resident at Penha de França) (1)
  • 15 € (Normal Fee)
  • 10 € (People who attended regular classes in the previous school year or long-term courses) (2)
  • 10 € (Resident at Penha de França) (1)
  • 10 €

Renewal: when regular class attendance is interrupted for one or more months in the same school year, and then the intention is to resume regular class attendance.

Monthly Fees

1x/week – 40 €

2x/week – 50 €

3x/week – 60 €

4x/week – 70 €

Experimental Class – 7 € (3)

Single lesson – 12 € (4)

1x/week – 30 €

Experimental Class – Free of charge

1x/week – 35 €

Experimental Class – Free of charge


(1) – Residents of Penha de França must provide proof of address.

(2) – People who have attended Forum Dança long-term courses (PACAP, CDC or CGPAE) and people who attended Regular Classes in the immediately preceding school year.

(3) – Amount subsequently deducted from the Registration Fee.

(4) – The renewal fee is paid if there is a one-month break in which only one or two individual classes are taken.

(5) – People who are enrolled in Forum Dança’s long-term courses (PACAP, CDC or CGPAE) taking place this year will receive a 50% discount on the monthly fee;

(6) – People who have attended one of Forum Dança’s PACAP courses get a 50% discount on the monthly fee.

Regular Classes 2023/24