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Núcleo 2024

Artistic Residencies Programme

Núcleo 2024

Núcleo emerges as a project that fulfils one of Forum Dança’s objectives: to host artistic residencies and the informal presentations that result from them, under the care of a specific programme line.

It has a self-reflexive impulse in Forum Dança’s history, referencing the Núcleo de Apoio Coreográfico (NAC) – Choreographic Support Centre -, which in the 1990s was an important platform for supporting the creation and internationalization of Portuguese dance.

It is a place of experimentation, where the craft of creating, showing, reflecting, creating circularity with the artistic community and its public side in the creation and mediation of audiences is taken care of.

Artistic Residencies 2024

Open Call deadline: February 4, 2024

As one of Forum Dança’s objectives is to support residencies, in accordance with the programme outlined by its artistic direction, the Residency Programme is designed to create a space that allows for a period of experimentation and research through action, linking creation with transmission to the artistic community.

This year’s programme will support three projects in the field of contemporary dance or performance. We will favour projects that are at an early stage of development.

The programme offers rehearsal space, artistic supervision by Forum Dança’s associate artist-researcher João Fiadeiro and a support grant of €750 (seven hundred and fifty euros).


  • Residency 1: October 7 to 18
  • Residency 2: October 28 to November 8
  • Residency 3: November 18 to 29


  1. Support for 3 projects selected by Forum Dança’s management;
  2. A grant of €750 (seven hundred and fifty euros) per residency, upon submission of a green receipt or equivalent (in the case of artists not resident in Portugal, must present a tax residency certificate issued by the authorities in their country of residence.);
  3. Support for publicising the project in Forum Dança’s media;
  4. Final public sharing, in the residency space, in the form of an informal show, talk or similar, with João Fiadeiro as mediator;
  5. Mandatory mention of “Support for Creation – Forum Dança” and insertion of the logo in all the project’s promotional material;
  6. Provision of the record of the presentation of the supported project, where applicable, for archiving in the Forum Dança Documentation Centre;
  7. The organisation of travel, accommodation, meals, and medical assistance during the period of the residencies is the sole responsibility of those taking part.

Artistic supervision

These artistic residencies will be overseen by João Fiadeiro.

Forum Dança | PACAP 5 - João Fiadeiro
João Fiadeiro © Ana Viotti

Born in 1965, João Fiadeiro is part of a generation of choreographers that emerged in the late 1980’s and gave rise to the Nova Dança Portuguesa (New Portuguese Dance).

His career, both as a choreographer or performer and as a researcher or curator, has centered on creating conditions for experimentation, for laboratorial practices and for the intersection between artistic and scientific research. This activity was developed as much by coordinating programming and artistic research projects at Centro Cultural da Malaposta [1990-95], Espaço Ginjal [1995-98], Lugar Comum [1999-2000], Espaço A Capital [2000-2002] and Atelier Real [2004-2019] as by his artistic practice through his choreographies and the research workshops on and around Real Time Composition.

In all these different platforms João Fiadeiro was always accompanied by artists that participated as creators, performers, researchers and programmers, contributing in a decisive manner to the existence of this project through thirty years of non-stop activity.


Applications must be submitted by February 4, 2024.

The results will be announced by email, by April 1, 2024.

Application form

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Applications are closed.

In addition to filling in the form at the bottom of this page, you must send us a filled-in project sheet in pdf format (up to 2 MB). The project sheet is available at this link:


Project Sheet | Application Núcleo 2024

Foram apoiados os seguintes projetos:


  • Residência 1 (7-18 Agosto): Ana Renata Polónia com o projecto VERBAL IMAGES
  • Residência 2 (21 Agosto-1 Setembro): Inês Cartaxo com o projecto SUPERADAPTATION
  • Residência 3 (21 Agosto-1 Setembro): Sara Manubens e Ves Liberta com o projecto NOSFERATU: A SYMPHONY OF HORROR
  • Residência 4 (16 – 27 Outubro): Djam Neguin com o projecto Tx@bet_a
  • Residência 5 (30 Outubro – 10 Novembro): Sara Bernardo com o projecto Efemérida
  • Residência 6 (13 – 24 Novembro): Andrei Bessa e Acauã El Bandide Shereya com o projecto URRO – Parte 3 – Para não caber no mundo