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with Carla Ribeiro

from 3 to 6 year old

School year 2023/2024

Wednesday | 17h45-18h30

The experience of dance plays a fundamental role in the development of any child, stimulating imagination, the ability to manipulate materials and organize them into different forms, the capacity for abstraction, as well as self-esteem and relationships with others.

In this class, in a very playful way, we will discover the movements of our bodies through exercises, games and simple proposals.

We will explore shapes, rhythms, dynamics, levels, objects, etc., contributing to a greater perception of our own body, space/time and the world around us.


Carla Ribeiro graduated from the Escola Superior de Dança in the field of performance and attended the Dance in the Community course at Forum Dança.

As a performer she has worked with Susana Vidal, Olga Roriz Companhia de Dança, Marina Nabais Dança, John Mowat, Paulo Ribeiro, Ricardo Pais, Pigeons International, O Útero, A Torneira, Nuno Carinhas, Paula Massano, Fernanda Lapa, João Lourenço and Teatro O Bando.

Alongside her work as a performer, she teaches Creative and Contemporary Dance at Colégio Cesário Verde and Body/Movement at AMA.

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