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with Francisca Pinto

School year 2023/2024

Tuesday and Thursday | 9h00-10h00

YOGA, as a psycho-physical technique, is universally applicable.
In these classes, which are active and dynamic, but also rigorous and methodical, we will try to rebalance muscle chains and become more aware of the body’s alignment.
The classes are demanding but always safe and comfortable, respecting each student’s rhythm and condition, using specific support material for a healthy progression.
We will work deeply on the coordination of movement with Ujjayi breathing (basic Pránáyáma technique), bringing breathing into a conscious process, gradually inducing a state of greater concentration.
Between the techniques of Ásana (yoga postures), Pránáyáma (breathing techniques) and Yoganidra (relaxation techniques), I will share varied and progressive classes, in a peaceful and caring environment, but also one of joy and well-being, recognizing the importance and pleasure that being in connection with our body gives us.

As a dancer for over ten years, HATHA YOGA has been a fundamental practical philosophy of life in the continuous discovery and deepening of the infinite possibilities of the body.
It is always highly structuring and deeply rooted, while simultaneously opening up spaces for greater physical, psychic and emotional availability.
It’s a complete practice in caring for the body and activating its energy, as the main vehicle of our daily existence, which I share here with great pleasure and dedication.


FRANCISCA PINTO (1998), was born in Lisbon (PT). Dancer, performer, creator and teacher. Graduated from National Conservatory School of Dance of Lisbon in 2006 and from Lisbon Superior Dance School in 2009. Studied in the Study, Research and Choreographic Creation Program of Fórum Dança in 2013/14. As a dancer as been working with Martine Pisani, Clara Andermatt, Lia Rodrigues, Jonas&Lander, Bruno Alexandre, Catarina Miranda, Francisco Thiago Cavalcanti, Sofia Dias&Vitor Roriz, among others. As a guest teacher has worked for different instituitions such as Escola Livre de Dança da Maré (BR), Estúdios Vítor Córdon, Escola Superior de Dança (PT). Has been practicing Yoga since 2010 and is graduated as a Certified Yoga Instructor from Portuguese Yoga Centre – CPYOGA Lisboa.

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