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Regular Classes and Workshops


1.1. Enrolment

    1. Enrolment is made through an online form, available on our website and is only valid after payment.
    2. The enrolment fee is compulsory and valid until the end of the school year and a new enrolment must be paid at the beginning of each school year.
    3. Payment of the enrolment fee is made simultaneously with the payment of the first monthly fee.
    4. Personal Accident insurance is compulsory and included in the registration fee.
    5. Former students are those who have attended the previous school year; former students of Forum Dança courses (PEPCC, CDC, PACAP or CGPAE).


1.2. Monthly fees

    1. Payments are made until the last day of the previous month, except in the first month of attendance.
    2. It will not be allowed to attend the activity in situations of non-payment.
    3. Payments are made by bank transfer to the account:
      IBAN PT50 0035 0396 00219930530 88 | SWIFT CGDIPTPL
    4. Payments can also be made by MBWay to the mobile number 925103596
    5. IMPORTANT: The receipt of transfer must always be sent to the email forumdanca@forumdanca.pt
    6. The last monthly fee of the course (June) must be paid in the second month of attendance.
    7. In the case of withdrawal, the student should notify Forum Dança at least one month in advance by email and, in this case, the last monthly payment (corresponding to the month of June) will be used to cover the value of the month in which the withdrawal occurs.
    8. Tuition fees are not refunded. When the absence is due to force majeure, Forum Dança must be informed and the amount is credited in another month or to the attendance of another activity, depending on the number of available places.
    9. If attendance at classes is interrupted for one or more months, a renewal fee of ten euros (10 euros) must be paid.
    10. Monthly fees are calculated according to the number of lessons/hours per week.


1.3. Discounts

Enrollment Fee: Discounts are applied (see table 3.2) for residents of the Parish of Penha de França, upon presentation of proof of address.

Monthly Fees: 50% discount on the monthly fee for Forum Dança students enrolled in current courses (PACAP, CDC or CGPAE).


1.4. General functioning

    1. Entry to classes is only guaranteed until 10 minutes after they start.
    2. If a teacher is unavailable for a class, Forum Dança will guarantee a replacement. Compensatory classes only take place when a replacement is not possible.
    3. Forum Dança reserves the right not to open classes that do not reach the minimum number of participants.


1.5. Material and Space

    1. Students should bring all the necessary material for the practice of the activity in which they are registered.
    2. In accordance with Portuguese Health Authority regulations, the temperature of students and teachers will be taken at the beginning of classes.
    3. Students must disinfect their hands upon entering the space.
    4. The use of mask is compulsory in the circulation inside the common areas of the Espaço da Penha (entrance, toilets, and corridors).


1.6 School Holidays | Calendar
From September, 19 2022 to June, 30 2023

    1. Regular classes for adults have a break during the Christmas period (18/12/2022 to 02/01/2023) and Carnival Tuesday (21/02/2023).
    2. In the month of December there will be no Contemporary Dance classes on Thursdays. The remaining modalities will have a 50% reduction in the monthly fee due to the reduced number of classes;
    3. Regular classes do not work on holidays, including Carnival Tuesday (21/02/2023);
    4. Contemporary Dance classes for children from 6 to 9 years old have breaks that correspond to the school holidays:
      • Christmas (from 12/18/2022 to 01/02/2023);
      • Carnival (from 02/20/2023 to 02/25/2023);
      • Easter (from 3/04/2023 to 14/04/2023).


2.1 Payments and Proofs

    1. Payment for workshops/seminars must be made by the indicated deadline or, in the absence of such indication, up to one week before the start of the activity.
    2. At the end of this period and in the absence of payment, the pre-registration expires, and the vacancy is no longer guaranteed;
    3. Payments are made by Bank Transfer, or MBWay, to the Forum Dança account indicated in the General Regulations [1.2 Monthly Fees];
    4. The respective proof of payment must always be sent to our email;
    5. Registration is only validated after receipt of proof of payment.


2.2 Withdrawals and Refunds

    1. Refunds will only be made in the following cases:
      • Illness preventing the frequency of the activity, upon presentation of a medical certificate;
      • In the case of having contracted Covid-19, upon presentation of an exam/test with a positive result;
      • Another reason of force majeure, upon presentation of evidence attesting to the reason invoked;
    2. The refund is only made if the withdrawal is communicated at least 48 hours in advance;
    3. For cancellations less than 48 hours in advance, half (50%) of the amount paid will be refunded;
    4. Withdrawals on the first day of the workshop/seminar are not refunded.


    1. Students are covered by a Personal Accident insurance policy, which is compulsory and is included in the Registration Fee. Alternative therapies are not covered by this policy.
    2. In activities with free participation promoted by Forum Dança, personal accident insurance is not included. Participants enrolled in these free activities must ensure the payment of personal accident insurance at their own expense.
    3. When registering, the student (or the student’s guardian) ensures, by signing a Term of Responsibility, that she/he meets the general health conditions appropriate for the practice of physical activity.
    4. Students must comply with the safety and hygiene rules imposed by Forum Dança, as well as respect the norms of social distancing and respiratory etiquette recommended by the Portuguese Health Authority.