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Heat is life (video)

Bianca Zueneli

Heat is life (video)

Bianca Zueneli (IT)

Title Heat Is Life (video) | Piece Length 25 min, Loop

Espaço da Penha | 26 and 27 June | From 19h00


In this work I deal with the repetition of one idea in motion.

The more the idea circulates, the more it becomes recognizable.

It circulates as time does around us: indefinite, unreal, seemingly visible in its effects. It offers the same events to us, for us to act as we wish. It shows almost the same things, never in the same way. The movement circulates like a structure does around us and above. Being it real or invented, it affects us. For once I decided to become the structure. I became the Solar System. I became time. I decided to go back and see the same things from another angle. I realized this is not more ambitious than any other thing one could do. Anyone could do it.


“Science has failed, Heat is life, Time kills.” Chris Burden in Poem for L.A. A commercial aired in Los Angeles a total of 72 times from June 23 to 27, 1975.



Concept Bianca Zueneli (IT)

Music Costanza Bortolotti | Video Emma Panini, Gisella Gaspari


Short Bio

Bianca Zueneli (Italy, 1993) is active as a dancer, a maker, a teacher. She started her studies at the Fine Art Academy of Venice before moving to Belgium, where she graduated in Contemporary Dance at the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp. Over the last years she has mainly worked in Belgium in various dance productions and as a teacher, and now moves between Lisbon and Italy.



Lucia Fontanelli, Manuel Gamberini, Cuoghi Corsello, Koinè, the team of Forum Dança and PACAP, Joker (Luigi), Sylvia Notini, Dino and RTS-Reclaim the streets, Malevich.


Image Credits Reclaim the streets, M41 Party, 13 July 1996

PACAP 4 Showings