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Natália Mendonça


Natália Mendonça (BR)

Title Chorume | Piece Length 40 min.

Espaço da Penha | 26 and 27 June | 21h30


That dirty water that escapes from the garbage bag, usually resulting from the decomposition of food, gives name to a specific moment of the Brazilian carnival. It describes the slow and festive dispersion in the streets soon after the end of the parade block; when the bodies, once  together, have difficulty returning to the solitary state of individual, and remain clinging to each other as a last desire not to let themselves be singularized. This process, which makes the before and after indistinguishable, results on a body that sought to activate itself and is open to the desire to affect itself.



Conception and performance Natália Mendonça (BR)

Collaboration Isis Andreatta, Alina Folini, Sara Marques e Suiá Ferlauto


Short Bio

Natalia Mendonça (Brazil, 1983) is a dance artist who has been living in São Paulo for 13 years. As a performer-maker, her research combines the making of her own work and being part of projects by other artists. Currently, her most recent collaborations were with Clarice Lima, Cristian Duarte and coletivA Ocupação.



PACAP 4 participants, Forum Dança, João dos Santos Martins, Josefa Pereira, Vera Mantero, Manoela Rangel and Fábio Zuker.


Image Credits Isis Andreatta

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