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Green Abyss
or I never dreamt of it again

Isis Andreatta

Green Abyss
or I never dreamt of it again

Isis Andreatta (BR)

Title Green Abyss or I never dreamt of it again | Piece Length 35 min

Espaço Alkantara | 1 and 2 July | 21h00


To look in reverse so to repair what has always been there despite the apparent invisibility. A matter of perception and sorcery. Something that embodies what is already in itself and beyond.  The cure. The noise heals. The touch heals. The eyes see other things when they are squint. The body is not given and it is not obvious. It is image in action. Imagination. To imagine is to change. To move towards the future that presents itself as ruin. A recurring dream. Body that troubles death and disease in order to reactivate life. Tragedy. Curse. Spell. Care is caring and danger at the same time. Poison on the one hand, medicine on the other. A matter of measure.



Conception and performance Isis Andreatta (BR)

Sound collaboration Sara Vieira Marques | Collaboration Alina Ruíz Folini and Natália Mendonça



Short Bio

Isis Andreatta (São Paulo, Brazil, 1988) is an artist who works as a performer, choreographer and educator. Starting from dance practice she is interested in exploring the body in its psychophysical dimension in her works, she focused on practices of co-authorship and interdisciplinarity between art and therapeutic care. She is co-director and dancer of Grupo VÃO since 2009.



The Forum Dança team and each PACAP 4 participant. Christine de Smedt, João dos Santos Martins, João Fiadeiro, Josefa Pereira, Juliana Melhado, Julia Monteiro Viana, Patrícia Árabe and Vera Mantero. To the Espaço Alkantara.


Image Credits Natália Mendonça

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