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Workshop with Susan Klein
Klein Technique™

26 a 30 de Setembro 2022

Workshop with Susan Klein
Klein Technique™

in collaboration with Fabio Tavares

Estúdios Victor Córdon, Lisbon | Portugal
26 to 30 of September 2022 | 12h00 – 17h00

“In this very special 5-hour workshop in Klein Technique™, Susan Klein (USA) and Fabio Tavares (USA/Brazil) will co-teach this workshop focusing on both the theory and practice of Klein Technique™. Susan will start each day with some movement and then focus on a unique theoretical principle of Klein Technique™ each day. After a break, Fabio will teach a full Stretch and Placement Class. During the classes there will be plenty of time for questions and individual attention.


This workshop will emphasize the pivotal principle of Klein Technique™, the concept of moving from our deepest structural and energetic tissue, the bone, the connections at the level of the bones and how the body coordinates to improve movement and reduce and heal injuries.


Through an interweaving of theory and practice we will work on the muscles of deep postural support: the psoas, the hamstrings, the pelvic floor muscles, and the external rotators. We will work with a body-felt understanding of how these muscles bring the bones into alignment, a place of connectedness, which leads to true power and efficiency of movement. Klein Technique™ is a process-oriented practice of great value to people of all proficiency levels, dancers, and non-dancers alike. Our goal is to teach movement from the individual perspective of internal knowing and understanding. Students of all levels of practice in Klein Technique™ will gain insight into their movement patterns and habits and gain a greater internal understanding of their bodies.


All are welcome. Come! Breathe, Stretch, and Connect with us!!”


/ Susan Klein

General Information

Dates: September 26th-30th 2022
Schedule: From 12:00 to 17:00
Venue: Estúdios Vitor Córdon, Lisbon, PORTUGAL – more info here
Recipients: Professionals, students, and people with previous experience in movement, dance and/or theater.
Maximum number of participants: 25


Covid-19 Notice

It will be necessary to do a rapid antigen test, provided by Forum Dança, only on the first day of the workshop.


Participation Fee

Pre-registration is made through a form available on our site and will be validated after receipt of proof of payment, which should be sent to our email.



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  • Early-Bird, until July 30 / 15 29 of August: 300,00 €
  • Normal price, after July 30 / 15 29 of August: 330,00 €
  • 10% discount for:
    • Students and former students of Forum Dança’s long-term courses (PACAP / CGPAE / PEPCC / etc.).
    • Participants of the Stretch and Placement – Klein Technique™ sessions led by Gisela Dória currently taking place in Forum Dança.


Susan Klein
Susan Klein

Susan Klein

Has been developing and teaching Klein Technique™ since 1972 teaching in daily classes New York City at her studio, The Susan Klein School of Movement and Dance, and during the last two years of the pandemic of Covid-19 on Zoom. Since 1989 she has been traveling throughout the world teaching intensive workshops in Klein Technique™.


Klein Technique™ is a result of a serious knee injury and developed out of Susan’s personal journey to get well. It serves as a way for people to work through their individual injuries, to understand and improve the workings of their bodies, to heal themselves and become better dancers. Her main influences in developing her work are Irmgard Bartenieff, Dr. Fritz Smith, and Professor J. R. Worsley.


Susan has a private practice as a Movement Therapist, Certified Zero Balancer, Senior Zero Balancing Teacher, and Traditional 5 Element Worsley Style Acupuncturist, L.Ac., B.Ac.(UK), M.Ac.,(USA),  Dipl. Ac.(NCCAOM)


For more information: www.kleintechnique.com

Fabio Tavares
Fabio Tavares

Fabio Tavares 

A Brazilian artist who’s been obsessed with the human body in action from a very young age. He started off as a competitive gymnast before running away to join the circus at the age of 15 where he got his first professional job as an acrobat. He hasn’t stopped working since. In 1999, Mr. Tavares moved to NYC to study Klein Technique™ with Susan Klein and became a Klein Technique™ Certified Instructor in 2009. He taught weekly Klein Technique™ classes at the Susan Klein School of Movement and Dance and at Dance New Amsterdam (DNA) between 2008-2014.


Mr. Tavares has collaborated and performed with an incredible group of artists including Laurie Anderson, Anne Bogart, Circus Amok, SITI company and the STREB Extreme- Action Company where he danced and taught for over 14 years. He has also taught at Pace University between 2014 and 2017. Mr. Tavares currently teaches the David Geffen School of Drama at the Yale University.


Mr. Tavares’ one-man show, “The Ex-Body,” is based on the text of “The Hamletmachine” by Henier Müller and, since 2010, has been performed in Brazil, Europe and the U.S. in several different festivals.


Mr. Tavares is also an AmSAT-certified Alexander Technique teacher and a certified Zero Balancing practitioner.


For more information: www.healthandpoise.com

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