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Cosmopoética do Refúgio

PACAP 5 talk

Cosmopoética do Refúgio

Talk with
Dénètem Touam Bona and Emma Bigé

Forum Dança | Espaço da Penha

October 8 | 14h-16h

[Talk in French & English]

This talk is part of the programation for PACAP 5


Participation is free but because the capacity is limited to a maximum of 15 participants, it is only possible to participate by booking in advance. To book, just send your request to our email.

In these troubled times where control devices proliferate, resistance must be in stealth rather than frontal. To attack in open terrain is to offer oneself as cannon fodder to the multiple powers that tend to subject us, to expose oneself to be captured, discredited, criminalized. What we need, then, might be a kind of resistance in the minor, because to posit oneself as a major, mature, and responsible person, means necessarily having to surrender when the police, the secret services, and the security agencies summon us to account for our fugitive lives.

Marronage, therefore, is less a form of conquest than of subtraction from power. Tactics of the furtive are tactics of de-capture: to those who seek to capture their substances, they oppose emptiness. It is this corrosive potency of marronage in the face of the apparatuses of capture and the simulacra produced that I call fugue.

Cosmopoética do Refúgio, Cultura e Barbárie, 2020.


Dénètem Touam Bona is a philosopher and writer, a collaborator to the Tout-Monde Institute (a center dedicated to the work of Edouard Glissant). He is the author of Fugitif où cours-tu ? (Puf, 2014), Cosmopoética do Refugio (Cultura e Barbarie, 2020) and La sagesse des lianes (post éditions, 2021), books that seek to investigate and celebrate the fugitive arts of marronage and the metaphysical promises of a philosophy centered around the thickness of foliage and the intertwining of lianas. Dénètem Touam Bona has had many experiences: training and writing workshops in prison, documentalist in an international solidarity network, literature and philosophy teacher in Guyana and Mayotte, etc.


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© Image credit: «La Sagesse des lianes» organized at the Centre international d’art du paysage Île de Vassivière from September 18, 2021.