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Real Time

Sessões Abertas PACAP 5

Real Time

PACAP 5 Open Sessions

Forum Dança | Espaço da Penha

24 September to 12 November

Fridays / 6-8pm


Participation is free, but because the capacity is limited, it is only possible to participate by making a prior reservation.

To book, just send your request to our email.

During the period that REAL (structure directed by João Fiadeiro between 1990-2019) directed the Atelier Real, open sessions of Composition in Real Time where organized, free to the community. They were unpretentious sessions, between the jam and the master class, which had an important impact on the artist community of the time and on the research in and around this tool. They were also very important sessions for meeting peers and for the creation of professional and affective networks that last until today.


During PACAP5, we want to replicate these sessions to share our experience but also to let ourselves be contaminated by speeches, gazes and practices that takes us out of our comfort zone. These sessions are open to anyone – artist or non-artist, with or without experience in improvisation, with paths linked to practice or theory – as long as the premises and principles of this practice arouse curiosity.


The “object of study” of Real Time Composition is the interval that emerges when linear time is interrupted and the sense of continuity is suspended (via accident, incident or “just because”). The gap resulting from this interruption, is where the research on Composition in Real Time takes place. Within that space, time has that rare quality of being simultaneously “no longer” and “not yet”. Within this space, time is not linear (or even circular) but “twisted” (like the topological surface of the “Möbius Stripe”), governed by laws that do not respect conventional notions of before and after, inside and outside or far and near.

João Fiadeiro

© Foto: Stella Iann – RTC workshop.