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Letter to an emerging quantity

Marina Dubia

Letter to an emerging quantity

Marina Dubia (BR)

Título Eu só tinha o título, agora não tenho nada | Duração 30 min

Espaço da Penha | 20 e 21 de Junho | 18h00


Movement follows in a single direction. On the way, particles agitate and make rocks, creeks, urbanscapes and their inhabitants. On the way, what was one swallowed distances, took on space, defined contours and formalized separations. Discrete beings who do not speak the same language, if not that of common cause. Of what nature is experience? Time follows in a single direction.



Conception and performance Marina Dubia (BR)


Note Only spoken in Portuguese


Short Bio

Marina Dubia (São Paulo, 1992). Professional dilettante excessively obsessed with the nature of reality. Keywords: conceptualism, independent publishing, translation, mountain, short-circuit, cockatoo, editorial, contact, improvisation. Vaguely based in Copenhagen. More of a wanderer than an artist.



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