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Workshop Butoh
Yael Karavan

Workshop Butoh
Yael Karavan

9 and 10 December 2023 | 11h00 – 17h00

Butoh fu – Composition with images, the mysterious language of Ankoku Butoh


Butoh is an avant-garde, radical, revolutionary dance of transformation, which emerged at the end of the 50ese in Japan, it is not a technique but rather a method and a philosophy, an approach to dance that is born within us and connects us to our essence, nature, the universe and the cycles of life and death.

Tatsumi Hijikata, the main Ankoku Butoh Dance Founder (Ankoku Butoh- dance of Darkness) used imagery to choreograph his dancers. Butoh-Fu is something that Yukio Waguri, one of his long time dancers, put together from his own notes of the words used by T.Hijikata when he choreographed his dancers at Asbestos-kan, the studio he led in Tokyo.

In this workshop, Karavan introduces, explores and gives experience of numerous original Butoh-Fu, taking us onto a journey through the origins researching for new ways of writing dance / movement scores. Butoh-Fu allows us to encounter the absurd, dadaist and obscure realms of Tatsumi Hijikata, Kazuo Ohno and Ankoku Butoh.

The main elements that will be explored in the workshop are metamorphoses, dance through imagery, presence, awareness, and the tension between opposites with the aim to free the body from its mundane preconceived set of gestures and movements and thus allowing us to access a deeper and more authentic essence of movement and archetypal expression.

Questioning how Butoh can be translated into a European Body and why Butoh is still extremely relevant nowadays, Karavan shares more than 25 years of Butoh experience, during which she had the opportunity to work with founders of Butoh in Japan, Kazuo Ohno and Motofuji San – wife of T. Hijikata – as well as with Tadashi Endo and MAMU dance theatre, Yumiko Yoshioka and Ten-Pen-Chi, Sankai Juku, Minako Seki, Carlota Ikeda, Akira Kasai, Ko Morobushi and Natsu Nakajuma among others.


Photo © Raul Bartolome

General Information

Dates: 9th and 10th December (Saturday and Sunday) 2023
Time: 11.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.
Venue: Forum Dança – Espaço da Penha, Lisbon
Target audience: Professionals, students and people with previous experience in movement, dance and/or theatre.
Maximum number of participants: 20 people


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Yael Karavan
Yael Karavan

International performer, dancer and Artistic director of the Karavan Ensemble, Yael was born in Israel and grew up in Florence, Paris and London. In her dance research she travelled across Europe, Japan, Russia and Brazil searching for a physical language of expression bridging between East and West dance and theatre. Her work is often described as visual poetry, drawing on elements of Butoh, dance, mime, clown, physical and visual theatre she explores themes of Memory, Metamorphosis, the invisible and the notion of repetitive cycles, as well as current urgent socio-political issues such as climate change, immigration, diversity and inequality. Karavan’s work is presented worldwide in theatres, galleries and museums, often in a site-specific context. She studied and worked with Butoh masters such as Kazuo Ohno, Tadashi Endo, Carlotta Ikeda, Yumiko Yoshioka, Akiko Motofuji, Ko Morobushi, Natsu Nakajima, Akira Kasai, Yuko Kaseki, Minako Seki, Atsushi Takenuchi and sankai Juku amongst others. She was a member of Tadashi Endo’s MA-MU Dance Theatre for nearly 8 years and of Ten-Pen-Chi led by Yumiko Yoshioka for 3 years and has been teaching workshops internationally since 1999.


More information: www.yaelkaravan.com

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