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Open Talks PACAP 5


PACAP 5 Open Talks

Forum Dança | Espaço da Penha

From October 1st to November 12th  | 14h-16h

This talk is part of the programation for PACAP 5

Participation is free but because the capacity is limited to a maximum of 15 participants, it is only possible to participate by booking in advance.
To book, just send your request to our email.

“They say river dolphins don’t leap as much as dolphins in the ocean. Because of turbid flows of rushing water, they do not trust their eyes. Their eyes grow small. Their listening becomes more nuanced. They become experts of shape, and shape themselves to become narrow, reaching forward like the river.” – Alexis Pauline Gumbs, Undrowned


Amid turbid waters, it is often urgent to develop techniques of listening and attending to one’s surrounding. Anthropocene, Capitalocene, Plantationocene, Coronocene: our present doesn’t know its name, but it invariably points to a dangerous extinction of many past, present and future species, practices, or modes of relations: a dangerous disappearance of ways of sensing and being with each other. In her Mushroom at the End of the World. On the Possibility of Life in the Ruins of Capitalism, Anna L. Tsing suggested an antidote to this extinction: the development of new “arts of attention”—that is: the insistence to celebrate old and new modes of living and dying, of noticing our surroundings, of being there for one another.

From September to November 2021, the first block of PACAP5 (https://www.forumdanca.pt/pacap5en/) will host 24 dancers, performers and researchers for a training in João Fiadeiro’s Real Time Composition, a technique among many others to practice radical decenterings and attend to what exceeds human experience. Fernanda Eugenio, a long-term collaborator of Fiadeiro’s, suggested the concept-tool reparar to describe these new modes of attention that seemed to be required by our troubled & troubling present. In Portuguese, reparar can be understood both as “noticing, attending”, and as “restoring, repairing”. It also means “stopping twice” (re-parar). There is power in the entanglement of these three meanings. They invite all at once to come to a halt and to observe as a commitment to the present and a willingness to restore what has been wounded.
In a series of evening fireside chats that will accompany our three months together, text-worker and guest thinker Emma Bigé invites writers, poets, makers & activists to think with us what poetics of attention are needed now. What do we notice? What do we ignore? What needs to be seen and felt for changes to occur? Who are we and what collectives are we to become to listen to the unheard voices in our experiences? 
Sometimes, our guests will be with us just one evening, sometimes, they will linger more and stay with us in the studio for a few days. Each time, our Wednesday encounter will be opened to the public, as a series of offering to our surrounding communities in Lisbon.


List of guests 

OCTOBER 1 Dani d’Emilia
OCTOBER 8 Dénètem Touam Bona
OCTOBER 15 Valentina Desideri – Canceled
OCTOBER 22 Lisa Nelson
OCTOBER 29 Mathieu Bouvier
NOVEMBER 5 Rita Natálio
NOVEMBER 12 Carla Bottiglieri



Responder: Emma Bigé

Emma Big digs, writes about, translates, curates, and improvises with contemporary experimental dances and queer& trans*feminist philosophies. She lives and teaches and researches nomadically in and out of Larret (Périgord), Aix-en-Provence (South of France) and other destinations reachable by train. She fell in dance in North America and Western Europe with Steve Paxton, Lisa Nelson, Nancy Stark Smith, Matthieu Gaudeau, and more recently A. Livingstone, João Fiadeiro and many others. She edited several books and curated exhibitions dedicated to dance and improvisation (Gestes du Contact Improvisation, Steve Paxton: Drafting Interior Techniques, La perspective de la pomme. Histoire, politiques et pratiques du Contact Improviation). Through books and textual practices, she currently investigates the somatopolitical potentials of dance for celebrating wyrd and rare forms of tenderness between humans &other critters of Terra.