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Masa (vídeo), Laura Ríos (CU), 27 min


Laura Ríos (CU)

Title Masa (Massa) | Video | Piece Length 27 min, Loop

Espaço da Penha | 20 and 21 June | From 18h00


All matter leaves a trace, a mark in the space. It is a trace that can be evident, abstract or even become imperceptible. Nevertheless, it is present, it inhabits and leaves a legacy. It’s a result of work, steps, thoughts, the life cycle, the weight (energy and transcendence) of the body.

MASA is an open trajectory that searches to leave traces through the relationship between material and body. From within the action, the improvised and intuitive movement explores the subtle and concrete possibilities of marking the mud, offering ways to re-dimension the body and its image.



By and with Laura Ríos (CU)


Short Bio

Laura Ríos (Havana, 1992) is a dancer, performer and choreographer from Cuba. She is graduated from the Instituto Superior de Arte (Dance Art) and was member of the national company of Cuba, Danza Contemporánea de Cuba (2010-2018). Currently she is a freelancer.



I always thank to my mother.

Many thanks to the Forum Dança team, especially to Dora Carvalho and Carolina Nogueira, along with João dos Santos Martins for giving me this opportunity and all the support. Thanks to all the artists/teachers invited to PACAP 4, they have been an inspiration. Thank you so much to the PACAP 4 group. Together we have made a very nice trip during this period.

Thank you so much Wilfredo Prieto.


Image Credits Laura Ríos

PACAP 4 Showings

Forum Dança - Ciclo de Apresentações PACAP 4

PACAP 4 Showings Cycle

Espaço da Penha and Espaço Alkantara

Curated by João dos Santos Martins
20 and 21 / 26 and 27 of June – Espaço da Penha
1 and 2 of July – Espaço Alkantara


All sessions complete, we are not accepting further reservations.

Nothing to teach, everything to learn*


Imagining a study program is always a conflict between the ideal and the possible, between a certain imposition of a way of seeing and being in the world, and the creation of conditions to originate other worlds. I was invited to plan a study program for artists whose practice relates to dance and performance. This program was not as experimental as it could have been. Above all, we have tried to reject the secular division between technical disciplines in order to emphasize the exchange of practices between artists.

Stricken by a virus that we could not imagine would get any closeby, we have experimented with new formats and models of sharing, addressing, and witnessing, in which we have put to the test the ability and relevance of making art at the least conducive moment for its development. Perhaps, because of that, this was also the most urgent moment to raise questions about what it means to be an artist today.

The program of performances that we are now sharing publicly is not necessarily the result of the last six months of collective work but a showcase of heterogeneous processes initiated by a group of artists from the European and American continents that individually or collectively have tuned in, integrated, participated, activated or diverged from this study program. Their concerns range from distinct contemporary issues and practices that unavoidably also related to the diverse geopolitical contexts from which they derive. As much as they might resemble each other, they arise from very distinct affects: the recurring questioning of the social efficiency of art, the resonance between the organic and inorganic world, human and non-human bodies, the being and the other, the exact measure of poison to administer to heal, the interaction between rural and urban modes of life, the remains of a long-lasting night or celebration, the spaces in between, and the in-between spaces mingling nudism with nothingism.


“There are still those who say they miss everything when they cannot go out; that they have nothing to do — as if there would be a difference between doing and not doing.”
(*Lourdes de Castro, Letters to Lourdes: from 4 to 5, ed. Ricardo Nicolau, 2020.)


João dos Santos Martins


Special thanks to all the guests who participated in this programme

Ana Jotta (PT), Ana Pi (BR), Ana Rita Teodoro (PT), Bojana Cvejić (RS), Christine de Smedt (BE), Christophe Wavelet (FR), Chrysa Parkinson (US/SE), Eszter Salamon (HU), Joana Sá (PT), João Fiadeiro (PT), Jürgen Bock (DE), Miguel Wandschneider (PT), Moriah Evans (US), Paula Caspão (PT), Pedro Barateiro (PT), Rita Natálio (PT), Ricardo Valentim (PT), Scarlet Yu (HK), Vera Mantero (PT), Xavier le Roy (FR).

Information and Booking
All sessions are already sold out.

  • Due to the current situation and following the directives from DGS, the capacity for these showings is reduced and limited to 1/3 of the usual capacity of our spaces;
  • You can book separately for each presentation, or book the entire program on each day;
  • The reservation request is made to the email forumdanca@forumdanca.pt;
  • You will have to indicate in that email which days and shows you want to attend;
  • Make your reservation up to 72 hours before the start of each showing;
  • The reservation may consider two people only if they are cohabiting;
  • On the day of the showings, you must bring your own mask and / or visor;
  • You must comply with the rules of social distance, as well as the respiratory etiquette;
  • We appreciate that you attend because, given the reduced capacity of the spaces, when you do not appear you will be taking the place of someone else who would like to be equally present.

Thank you for understanding!

Complete Programme

CYCLE #01 | Espaço da Penha | 20 and 21 June


18h00 – The title was all I had, now I have nothing, Suiá Burger Ferlauto (BR), 30 min.
18h40 – Loose loop, Leire Aranberri (ES), 30 min.
19h20 – How to water fake plants, Maria Abrantes (PT), Ca. 40 min.
19h50 – Would you hire me?, Aline Combe (FR), 20 min.
20h15 – Apocalypse among friends or simply the day, Julián Pacomio (ES), 60 min.
From 18h00 – Masa (loo video), Laura Ríos (CU), 27 min.
You can consult the complete program of this cycle, in digital format, HERE


CYCLE #02 | Espaço da Penha | 26 and 27 June


19h00 – Letter to an emerging quantity, Marina Dubia (BR), 50 min.
19h50 – Pink noise, Alina Ruiz Folini (AR), 30 min.
20h45 – Looking Through a Sacred Flame, Isadora Alves (PT), 40 min.
21h30 – Chorume, Natália Mendonça (BR), 40 min
From 19h00 – Heat is life (loop video), Bianca Zueneli (IT), 25 min.

You can consult the complete program of this cycle, in digital format, HERE


CYCLE #03 | Espaço Alkantara | 1 and 2 July


19h00 – Aurora, Sara Vieira Marques (PT), 40 min.
19h50 – Heat is life, Bianca Zueneli (IT), 20 min.
20h20 – Porte, Laure Fleitz (FR), 20 min.
21h00 – Green Abyss or I never dreamt of it again, Isis Andreatta (BR), 35 min.
From 19h00 – How do we continue together (loop video), Emily Barasch (US), 30 min.
* – Vulture Realness Invocation or I just can’t be like this with you anymore, (vídeo), randy reyes (US/GT), 7 min.

*to define


You can consult the complete program of this cycle, in digital format, HERE

PACAP 4 Showings


PACAP — Performing Arts Advanced Programme is a training/creation program for professionals and students in artistic areas who intend to invest in a period of advanced experimentation, combining it with a theoretical investigation and the exercise of body and movement practices.

About PACAP 4

Performing Arts Advanced Programme

Curated by João dos Santos Martins
Financial support: Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian
Support: O Rumo Do Fumo, Alkantara, O Espaço Do Tempo e Estúdios Victor Córdon
Partnership: Maumaus
Direction: Dora Carvalho
Production: Carolina Martins
Monitoring and Technical Direction: Zeca Iglésias
Production Assistant: Catarina Sobral
Communication and Image: Eduardo Quinhones Hall

Forum Dança - João Fiadeiro | PACAP 5

PACAP 5 – 2021/2022

Curated by João Fiadeiro

From September 2021 to April 2022

More information soon!

Short bio

João Fiadeiro (1965) is a Portuguese performer, choreographer, researcher, teacher and curator. He belongs to the generation of artists who emerged in the late eighties in Portugal and gave rise to the New Portuguese Dance movement.


He is the artistic director of ATELIER REAL a structure that plays a major roll in the development of contemporary dance and trans-disciplinary initiatives in Portugal.


João Fiadeiro has tour extensively throughout Europe, North and South America with his solo and group works. In the 90’ João Fiadeiro studied and practiced intensively Contact-Improvisation which led him to pursue and systematize his own research on improvisation under the designation of Real Time Composition.


This research has lead him to coordinate workshops in Masters and PhDs programs in several schools and universities throughout the world.

Forum Dança - João dos Santos Martins | PACAP 4

PACAP 4 – 2020

Curated by João dos Santos Martins

From January to July 2020

Thinking a study plan is always a conflict between the ideal and the possible, between a certain imposition of a way of seeing and being in the world, and the creation of conditions to originate other worlds. In the words of Rabindranath Tagore, education is of no use but to respond and to rid ourselves of the “suicidal aggressiveness of collective selfishness”. This program is no more than that. Focused on experimentation, it will seek to challenge the paradigms of contemporary dance and choreography through the activation of a critical and discursive positioning, although always committed to these practices. But this program is mainly thought of as a protected time and place to encourage all participants to develop and analyze their artistic practice in a collective environment, intellectual and artistically stimulating.


In this program classes are not distinguished between ‘technical’, ‘research’ or other. We assume that there can be no distinction between practical and theoretical knowledge and that it is this division that induces an alienation in the work itself. The program is based solely on the proposals of the artists and speakers who will spend time with the participants, enhancing common experiences of questioning and transformation. The invited speakers share the need to demystify the body/head, action/thought, practice/theory dichotomies, seeking to articulate discourse and practice as integral parts and members of ways of making and thinking, and not as opposite poles.


We believe in the practice of dance as a support for artistic practice that is in permanent dialogue with other supports and with the genealogies of the history of art in general. We will seek a dialogue with these various ‘supports’ and with the agents who practice them, through visits to local artists’ studios and partnerships with surrounding structures and institutions who establish bridges with the local artistic context. And as art making is always in dialogue with its ways of apprehension, the program is continually reinforced with visits to exhibitions, film screening, going to shows and conferences of agents from various domains.


We believe that part of the artistic labor is necessarily self-taught. In this sense, we will privilege the cultivation of a space for sharing, collaboration and group work in order to build common knowledge and experiences that encourage participants to deepen their practices, individually or collectively. During the duration of the program, studios will be available so that participants can develop their work whose processes will be shared over six months. At the end of the cycle all participants should publicly present their work, articulating thus, as Rancière says, “the ways of doing, their corresponding forms of visibility and the possible ways of thinking their relations”. João dos Santos Martins 


João dos Santos Martins (Santarém, 1989) is an artist working through dance and choreography. He began his dance studies at the Higher School of Dance, in Lisbon, and at P.A.R.T.S., in Brussels, and completed his choreographic studies between exerce, in Montpellier, and the Institute for Applied Theater Studies, in Giessen.

Since 2008, he articulates his practice between producing work and collaborating as a dancer with other artists such as Ana Rita Teodoro, Eszter Salamon, Moriah Evans and Xavier Le Roy. His work is characterized by a diversity of apparatuses that invest in the production of conflicts between the subject who dances and the danced object. His pieces are usually developed in collaboration with other artists such as in Anthroposcenes (2017) with Rita Natálio and Pedro Neves Marques, and Where is the Coat? (2018) with Cyriaque Villemaux and Ana Jotta.

Since 2017 he has expanded his practice to other parallel formats. He curated the cycle New—Old Dance in Santarém, with performances, workshops, conversations and exhibitions; created alongside Ana Bigotte Vieira a device for a collective historicity of dance in Portugal – For a Timeline to Be — and founded a journal — Coreia — dedicated to the discourse produced by works and artists, in close relationship to dance.

Confirmed artists and speakers

Ana Jotta (PT), Ana Pi (BR), Ana Rita Teodoro (PT), Antonia Baehr (DE), Christine de Smedt (BE), Christophe Wavelet (FR), Chrysa Parkinson (US/SE), Eszter Salamon (HU), Fred Moten (US), Joana Sá (PT), João Fiadeiro (PT), Latifa Laâbissi (FR), Moriah Evans (US), Paula Caspão (PT), Pedro Barateiro (PT), Rita Natálio (PT), Scarlet Yu (HK), Vera Mantero (PT), Xavier le Roy (FR).


Alina Ruiz Folini (AR), Aline Combe (FR), Bianca Zueneli (IT), Emily Barasch (US), Isadora Alves (PT), Isis Andreatta (BR), Julián Pacomio (ES), Laura Ríos (CU), Laure Fleitz (FR), Leire Aranberri (ES), Maria Abrantes (PT), Marina Silva / Dubia (BR), Natália Mendonça (BR), Randy Reyes (US/GT), Sara Vieira Marques (PT), Suiá Ferlauto (BR).


  • Cycle of presentations in Lisbon, scheduled to take place in July 2020, as part of a programming cycle at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.

PACAP4 Activities

Forum Dança - Vânia Rovisco | PACAP 3

PACAP 3 – 2019

Curated by Vânia Rovisco

From April to August 2019

available soon

Forum Dança - Sofia Dias & Vítor Roriz | PACAP 2

PACAP 2 – 2018/2019

Curated by Sofia Dias & Vítor Roriz

From September 2018 to March 2019

available soon

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