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Force & Pressure

8 a 12 de Maio 2018, 14h - 18h
Estúdio 5, Espaço da Penha
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During his whole artistic path Ali Moini has gathered a wide amount of technical and plastic experiences coming from his path in music, theatre and dance. He has managed to transform it into artistic gestures through performances, musical compositions and stage works.
Here, the human material is the base for any action.
Since some years Ali Moini shares this research with a great variety of audience during middle term workshops. Those moments for exploration and exercising are intense times for reaching artistic practices through introspections. This workshop deals specifically with the main questions that raises his next creation, Gaugemancy, a group piece.

Force and its direction, Pressure and its efficiency

Creating a system, universe or organism with/in which body functions differently and gains different features seems to be essential or the center of my attention since a few years now.
recently i am working on centralization of the force and pressure that the body creates/generates towards itself and the space in order to study and search for different ways of amplifying or channeling it to create a compositional platform.

The force when is applied, contains a direction and its direction could be changed if another container of the force crosses its path.
the pressure that the force makes on an obstacle which exists within its path, does not follow the direction of the force because pressure does not have a direction!
The force continues to make pressure on the obstacle unless its energy finishes or the obstacle does not endure the pressure.

We will be working on these subjects and more, to be applied on body parts and their surroundings in order to examine the quality of movement it brings and the potential it contains to compose corporally.
No fiction and no representation, we will be experimenting on creating different forces and obstacles in order to compose a system which contains our bodies and it functions as long as we endure it.
how we tolerate and multiply the forces and the pressure points within the system, and how we make choices creates a platform in which we can live and compose. we will be dealing with numbers of pressure points and their intensity, in the frame of time and with/in predefined space.
Ali Moini


Born in Shiraz, Iran, in 1974.
By the age of 17 years old he integrates "Youth Orchestra of Shiraz" at the same time that taking classes in composing music and Iranian Traditional singing and 2 years later he studied opera singing for 2 years.
He joins "Mehr Theater Group" in 1997 as an actor and music composer of the company. He plays in several works of mehr theater group which the most important one was "Dance on Glasses" that has been performed more than 70 times in iran, and about 80 times in Europe, South and North America. He is bachelor in theater acting from Soureh High educational University in Tehran.
In 2009 he finished an intensive advance course in Lisbon_Forum Dança, called "Choreographic Creation and Research on Contemporary dance Program" (PEPCC) sharing his researches with creators and thinkers such as André Lepecki, Deborah Hay, Emmanuelle Huynh, Jeremy Nelson, João Fiadeiro, Julyen Hamilton, Lisa Nelson, Mark Tompkins, Meg Stuart, Loïc Touzé, Vera Mantero... Created in this context, his solo My Paradoxical knives will be presented on some of the most prestigious europeans scenes such like Tanzquartier Wien, Théatre National de Chaillot, Montpellier Danse, Fondation Cartier, BAC Genève (among others).
In 20012 Montpellier Dance Festival offers him to premiere the group piece it shocks me but not you. In 2013, his collaboration project with George Apostolakos Lives is selected by Hermes Foundation to be part of New Settings program. In 2016 he receives a second invitation from Montpellier Dance Festival and New Settings program to create Man Anam Ke Rostam Bovad Pahlavan. In 2018 he will create Gaugemancy, a group piece presented in Centre Pompidou Paris.


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